High street, Ringstead viewed from home interior. iPad

Observational drawing on ipad, for no reason other than the joy
of drawing and capturing a moment.

Stiffkey, cockle harvesters 1V. - conte crayon on paper

Preparatory drawing in conte crayon, for ink painting of same title.This was drawn
quickly serving as a rough guide for both pictorial composition and colour.

Sunrise over Wards Nursery, Ringstead- ipad

This is an iPad drawing, which was executed whilst
observing the sunrise through my Kitchen window.
This will form part of a body of work, whose working
title will be, ' the insomnia works', as it was 6.30 am
when i witnessed this spectacular sunrise

Figures at Blakeney- pencil/ink/gouache/acrylic

Simple experimentation, using a similar format to the ink paintings.
The figures though, have a pencil outline as opposed to
the familiar ink lines and also the linear aspect is used more sparingly,
but in a more geometric fashion.
These were drawn/painted with the thought in mind of eventually
evolving the style of the painted inks